our mission

split is about empowering you to make the most of your foods, to choose quality over commodity and to give your body what it craves and deserves. The science in our food is complex, but the concept is simple–split is the perfect combination of one good fat and one good carb.

my story

As a chef, my world revolves around finding the best possible foods and flavors.  For years, I lived by the mantra that taste trumps nutrition.  But my energy level and health suffered as I juggled multiple restaurants and long hours in the kitchen.

A fateful meeting with Dr. Philip Goglia, an elite performance nutritionist, changed the way I view food and my mindset around nutrition.  His message was simple: eat real foods, eat enough balanced foods and drink lots of water.  It isn’t just what you eat, but how you combine a nutritious fat and a simple carb to insure pure and sustained energy.

As I became more mindful about what I ate and the combinations of what I put into my body, the better I felt.  As an experienced chef, I was now schooled in an important lesson: the right combinations of food could taste great and be nutritious.  And of course, as a chef, I now wanted to feed everyone using this new mindset on food.

I started with the simple question, “How can I make better foods on the go?” We are all crunched for time and always racing from one meeting or errand, and that is when we make bad food choices–myself included!  I wanted to bring my realizations about real foods and the right combinations of whole foods into a convenient package.  Something that I would eat myself, and more importantly, something I would be proud to serve my friends and family…and if something naturally tastes amazing, then that is a perfect place to start.  The peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a staple of American packed lunches, was the inspiration for my earliest efforts.  Inspired by Dr. Goglia, I realized this beloved pairing combined carbs and good fat for peak performance and sustained energy.  Our parents were on to something all those years ago!

split is the result of a lot of tinkering in my kitchen, passionate experimentation and dreaming.  It is the perfect combination of two real foods in a smart ready-to-eat pack that you can feel good about eating and sharing.

2 great tastes in 1 fast pack for pure, delicious energy.

The Team

Chris Meers split Co-Founder

Renown hospitality industry veteran, amazing Dad, husband & soccer coach to 3 kids, clueless in the kitchen. Chris knows the beauty of a PB&J, but struggles with the recipe. His kids begged us to create split.

Jeff Mahin split Co-Founder

Acclaimed Chef. The only place he spends more time other than the kitchen is on his bike. Almond butter & jam is his cycling fuel of choice, but you try fitting a sandwich into the pocket of bike shorts. Fellow cyclists begged us to create split.

Dr Philip Goglia split Co-Founder / Performance Nutritionist

If he's not telling Jeff to drink more water, he's helping countless professional athletes and celebrities get into tip top shape. He's got 30 years of experience and countless accolades. He’s kind of a big deal.

Adrienne Weiss & Greg Weiss split Partners / Design & Creative

We already taste good, but Adrienne and Greg makes us look good too. Like our label? They did that. Like all the nice colors? They did that too. Don't like the font on our website? See below.

Kevin Phillips split Partner / Website Guru

No HTTP 401 Error here. Kevin keeps us looking pretty & running on the world wide and keeps you & your split credit card purchases safe from the bad guys. He's also a Dad, so he knows his way around a PB&J too.

Glen Greenberg split Partner / Sales & Distribution

Not only does Glen bring an impressive business and sales knowledge to split, he has more energy and positivity that anyone we’ve met. split gives you clean and delicious energy, we might just have to ration Glen’s out though.

Sabrina Valle & Jessica Quon split Partners & Jam Aficionados

We've never met two people more passionate about jam and jelly than Jessica and Sabrina. Life long friends and long time jam makers, they’re always in some sort of sticky situation - typically a delicious one.

Graham Redding

Having been brought up on Peanut Butter, teamed with just about anything, started Graham’s passion with SPLIT Products. Chasing 3 sporty kids around the Midwest, begging for snacks on the go, didn’t hurt either. Grahams career long packaging background, coupled with a SPLIT product that is second to none, has quickly turned SPLIT into the family favorite.